Public Employee Pension & Benefits

As the economy of the United States and New Jersey begins to slowly gain again, politics and emotions from the growing unemployment rate have begun to pit taxpayers and public employees against each other. The members of Local 88 would like the public to know that we proudly serve our community and it’s residents and visitors. And we ask that people take some of their valuable time to read a research study performed by Jeffrey H. Keefe, an associate professor of labor and employment relations at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. Mr. Keefe explains the results of his research on the comparisons of pay, benefits, and compensations between public and private sector employees. Local members feel that they are being misrepresented in the news and would like the public to read this report and see the situation and facts from a different point of view. The EPI Briefing Report can be viewed by going to the State FMBA website at Thank you for your continuing support.