50th_combat_teamThe members of the Franklin Township FMBA Local#88 are proud supporters of our troops serving overseas defending our freedom. The New Jersey State Firefighter’s Mutual Benevolent Association in conjunction with Local #88 members recently sold tee-shirts to help support troops from the 50th Infantry Combat Team. The 50th Infantry Combat Team consisted of soldiers from the New Jersey National Guard. For every tee-shirt sold another one was given to a soldier shipping out overseas. The sale was a success and every soldier that deployed to Iraq received a tee-shirt to keep their spirits up while they put their lives on the line.

This was not the first time the membership helped sell tee-shirts for our troops.

Previously local members helped provide tee-shirts to the 30th Naval Construction Regiment deployed to Camp Fellujah, Iraq. Please see the picture below showing the SeaBees proudly wearing our shirts and the letter we received from Commander Hans Probst. God speed to our troops and never forget those who protect our freedom and way of life!

SeeBees Navy Letter


Franklin Township, Somerset NJ – FMBA Local 88