Coupons For Troops

In September of 2011 when we started participating in the “Coupons For Troops” program, we had no idea how the effort would work or if we could even get the campaign off the ground. Not long after this we started to hear from locals who wanted to participate and slowly the coupons started to roll in. A few boxes set up at local businesses and we were off and running. Eight months later, franklin Township Local #88 finally concluded our program. In that short time we were able to ship boxes of coupons overseas reaching every branhc of the United States Armed Forces. We shipped out 216 POUNDS OF COUPONS to various military bases in seven different countries. This can potentially save our soldiers tens of thousands of dollars! We wish to thank each member who participated in the cause or even just helped get the word out. We would like to especially thank the businesses who were gracious enough to serve as collection points for the public and the locals who started their own programs. If you ever find yourself in Somerset, please stop in at teh Bagel Market and Deli, 900 Easton avenue for breakfast or lunch and thank Dean the owner for helping this cause.

Anyone who is interested in starting a “Coupons For Troops” program in your town can get further information by e-mail to or fall Jeanne Campbell, Delegate at 732-539-1634. The program is easy to begin and may even take on a life of it’s own. There are many websites about this program all over the United States which you can find through Google. The one we used for base addresses isĀ


Thanks again for supporting the “Coupons For Troops” program and the soldiers who so proudly serve and protect us. Their sacrafice is truly immeasurable. May they all come home safe and soon.